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 ONE-HOUR SESSIONS for $60 (regularly $100)
 3 SESSIONS FOR $175 (regularly $250)
(in Manhattan or Online)


“Any teacher can coach you on technical things-eyelines, starting in one place and ending in another, etc. But when coaching a scene with Kristen, it’s not about what’s right and wrong, it’s all about what’s authentically YOU. She finds the root of what makes you YOU and pushes your choices further, making for the most interesting and vulnerable and real performance, onstage or on camera. She’s also the queen of comedy, in my opinion, so if you’re looking for someone to bounce timing ideas off of or mine fun bits with, you’re in perfect hands!”
-Sarah Ellis

“Her work with specificity and clarity was something I had never seen before. She not only takes time to dissect each lyric and moment, she also encourages intense character work in any piece she is presented with. With her compassionate attitude and care she has for her students, her teaching style is completely selfless- having each class be about you, the artist and your journey. Kristen Mengelkoch is an educator and mentor who cares about her students whatever their background and experience may be. I fully trust her expertise to fully shape and model the future of this industry.”
-Nikko Angelo Hinayo

“Kristen always keeps the individuality of her students in mind, and allows them to explore their characters through the lens of their own experiences. She encourages actors to bring as much of themselves to a character as possible in order to connect with the truth of their circumstances. Upon returning to a song…Kristen empowered me to make changes and utilize my newfound skills, knowledge, and experiences to better influence how I approached the story at that particular time in my life…Kristen has helped me grow into the confident and passionate performer that I am today.”
-Nicky Kaider