First National Tour

"With a stage full of comedic geniuses you better know how to hold your own. Kristen Mengelkoch as Lady Eugenia not only achieves that, but provides a scene stealing performance that rivals the two leading men...She is the scene stealing star of this tour that will have you remembering her performance days after!"
John Garcia, The Column Online

"’s another woman, Kristen Mengelkoch, who absolutely steals the show in the second act as Lady Eugenia, the wife of Lord Adalbert D’Ysquith. Her bile-filled arguments with Rapson are enthralling and hilarious, with no music required."
Alex Bentley, CultureMap Dallas

"Kristen Mengelkoch is unforgettable as Lady Eugenia, Lord Adalbert's wife; a dinner scene in which the couple tear each other apart is as scabrously comic and absurd as the best of Lewis Carroll."
Deborah Klugman, L.A. Weekly

"Kristen a riot as Lady Eugenia..."
Cary Ginell,

"Among the terrific players are...Kristen Mengelkoch as the wife (to Rapson's wild-eyed husband) in the most specatularly vicious marraige ever."
Jean Schiffman, San Francisco Examiner

"A highlight was the loud-mouthed, last-in-succession Lord Adalbert, who was brilliantly matched with Lady Eugenia (played by Kristen Mengelkoch) as the squabbling old couple that despise each other the way only husband and wife can."
Amanda Moutinho, Boulder Weekly

"The scenes between Lord Adalbert D'Ysquith (Rapson) and his wife, Lady Eugenia (Kristen Mengelkoch) will make you blow wine out of your nose..."
Pamela Espeland, MinnPost

Geva Theatre Center

"a fragile, battered woman who is stuck in an abusive relationship...Mengelkoch secretly dreams of suburban life as 'Donna Reed'...and was absolute perfection during her love ballad, 'Suddenly Seymour.'"
Marcia Morphy, Democrat and Chronicle

"Mengelkoch captured Audrey's sweet-girl-with-a-past attitude, soaring through 'Somewhere That's Green' and 'Suddenly Seymour.'"
Kate Drozynski, Green Room Reviews

PlayMakers Repertory Company

" is Kristen Mengelkoch and Tom Coiner as supporting characters Sibyl and Victor who make a deeper impression. These two actors are new to PlayMakers, and bring with them vivacious comedic spirit, impeccable timing, and a way with physical comedy (buth subtle and overt) which simply cannot be taught. Mengelkoch, in particular, turns a character which could easily be portrayed as whiny and irritating into a relatable woman who gets big laughs."
Larisa Mount,

Geva Theatre Center

"Rounding out the cast are book club newcomer Alex...and Ana's best friend, Jen (Kristen Mengelkoch), who is funny enough for Saturday Night Live and awkward enough for HBO's Girls."
Leah Stacy,

" Jen is delightfully mismatched and scatterbrained"
Marcia Morphy, Democrat and Chronicle

Geva Theatre Center

"Mengelkoch as Amy, the bride-to-be...was absolutely hilarious in her rapid verbal torrent of 'Getting Married Today'"
Marcia Morphy, Democrat and Chronicle

"Kristen Mengelkoch, who gave spirited comic performances at Geva in two previous shows, played the nervous bride, charmingly supported by Ben Roseberry and Jim Poulos, and she stopped the show with her 'I'm Not Getting Married Today,' sung with dazzling diction faster than anyone I've heard try it, except Vienne Cox."
Herbert M. Simpson,

"Especially appealing... (was) Kristen Mengelkoch as a reluctant bride who has the devilish good fortune to sing the ultimate Sondheimian tongue-twister, 'Getting Married Today'"
Michael Lasser, Rochester City Newspaper

Geva Theatre Center

"’s Mengelkoch as the housemaid who is simply brilliant in her comic delivery — like a Lucille Ball cocktail filled with truth serum."
Marcia Morphy, Democrat and Chronicle

"The real star of the show, however, is Kristen Mengelkoch as the kooky chambermaid Julie. Mengelkoch is consistently hilarious throughout the show, perfectly suited for the over-the-top nature of farce. From her bizarre play-acting bits to her de facto role as the appalled moral center of the show, she excels at everything given to her."
Eric Rezsnyak, Rochester City Newspaper

North Coast Repertory Theatre

"Any show featuring Kristen Mengelkoch already has something going for it...
Here, she’s in her ebullient comic element, zipping irresistibly through characters from a saucy cowgirl to a doubt-plagued dominatrix to a very in-demand senorita."
James Hebert, The San Diego Union Tribune

"North Coast Rep vet Kristen Mengelkoch makes a welcome return as the show's sole female star. The doe-eyed comic belter is terrific in every role, but steals the show as Gretchen, the German dominatrix, in the show-stopping solo 'No Is a Word I Don't Fear.'"
Pam Kragen, North County Times

"Mengelkoch is astonishing in her roles...her accents, her songs – from operatic to silly – and each character in between are all exceptional."
Diana Saenger, La Jolla Light

"Mengelkoch is a delightful and dynamic performer who throws herself completely into each of her various roles." 
Donnie Matsuda, Arts N Fashion Magazine

Geva Theatre Center

"Mengelkoch has a huge Broadway voice and is game for everything the show throws at her...She appears to be having an almost criminal amount of fun...and in response, so does the audience."
Eric Rezsnyak, Rochester City Newspaper

"No one gives Tony Awards for erotic role playing. But Kristen Mengelkoch surely deserves one for her side-splitting turn as a German woman with a whip and pointy breastplates. Mengelkoch could have played it strictly for laughs, but she gave this lust-weary Fräulein real depth."
Stuart Low, Democrat and Chronicle

North Coast Repertory Theatre

"The capable and likable cast is topped by Mengelkoch, who’s especially adept with musical comedy roles."
Don Braunagel, San Diego Magazine

"Mengelkoch, much missed since she moved to New York, is a power-voiced comedienne..."
Pat Launer, San Diego News Network

"She was a comic mainstay of several local stages before moving to New York a few years ago and she's lost none of her big-eyed, high-spirited radiance and crack timing."
Anne Marie Welsh, North County Times

"As Diana, vivacious, charismatic Kristen Mengelkoch is...a splendid comedienne..."
Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

"As love interest Diana, Kristen Mengelkoch is particularly interesting; she’s terribly funny..."
Martin Jones Westlin, San Diego City Beat

“The Actuary Song” [is] one of the best moments for Mengelkoch, a gifted comic actress and singer."
James Hebert, The San Diego Union Tribune

Gateway Playhouse

"The Mugging Award of the century goes to the squeaky voiced Kristen Mengelkoch, one of the best Sister Amnesias this critic has experienced. Her constantly mobile face and body are always at warp speed and never less than inventively hilarious."
Lee Davis, The Southampton Press

Gateway Playhouse

"If you like Sarah Brightman, I challenge you to not laugh your head off at Mengelkoch's portrayal."
Roy Bradbrook, Dan's Papers

"The show consists of more than two dozen musical numbers from Broadway shows, interpreted by four sparkling performers."
Anita Gates, The New York Times

"Kristen Mengelkoch [as Annie] sings "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" with the ennui of a "child" actor fretting about her hair turning gray. Later, Mengelkoch wows us with dead-on impressions of Sarah Brightman (nasty) and Liza Minnelli (deserved)."
Steve Parks, Newsday

"[Forbidden Broadway] is blessed with a cast of four that are, every one of them, dynamic comic geniuses with glorious singing voices…[they are] uniformly sublime, milking every situation for every drop of its satirical possibilities, mugging, dancing, and indulging in body bruising physical comedy in huge quantities…Of the old favorites, Kristen Mengelkoch’s sendup of an aging “Annie” and a mannered Sarah Brightman are side splitters…and Ms. Mengelkoch’s sendup of [Patti LuPone], down to the trademark twisting of the lips, is treasurable."
Lee Davis, The Southampton Press

West Palm Beach

"The image of Kristen Mengelkoch as Patti LuPone, bleating on a tuba with tiny cymbals strapped to her inner thighs is justification for the entire evening.”
Hap Erstein, Palm Beach Post

San Diego

"…I made a second visit to Forbidden Broadway: Special Victims Unit, to catch mega-talented Kristen Mengelkoch...And she’s fantastic – funny, versatile and vocally mind-boggling."
(And then upon her third visit:)
"...she’s now doing all the big, belt-‘em numbers, from Annie to Ethel Merman, Sarah Brightman, at which she is absolutely hilarious, to Carol Channing (a hoot) and that good/bad, green witchy woman, Idina Menzel. She really has become a musical mega-talent, and soon, our loss will be New York’s (maybe even Broadway’s) gain. But meanwhile, she’s here and she’s uproarious, so don’t miss her."
Pat Launer, KPBS

Moonlight Theatre

"...stealing the show out from under them are secondary leads Kristen Mengelkoch and Eric Vest as the flirtatious young Texans Cleo and Herman...Mengelkoch is a bold, buoyant star in the making with a big voice and an even bigger stage presence."
Pam Kragen, North County Times

"As Cleo, Rosabella's pal from the diner, Kristen Mengelkoch steals about every scene she's in, popping her eyes and flaunting a Texas twang."
James Hebert, The San Diego Union Tribune

"By all reports, Kristen Mengelkoch nearly steals the show in the gritty, high-spirited comic role of Cleo"
Pat Launer, KPBS

North Coast Repertory Theatre

"Mengelkoch has real radiance, a keen comedic sense, and shows commitment to animating [The Nerd]..."
Anne Marie Welsh, The San Diego Union Tribune

North Coast Repertory Theatre

"...all the vocal heavy-lifting is done by the multi-talented David S. Humphrey and the knockout Kristen Mengelkoch (she of the putty face, sultry moves and killer voice). They’re terrific together and exceedingly entertaining alone...Tom Lehrer’s satirical songs are timeless…Kristen Mengelkoch makes them sing!... and versatile, irresistible performer Kristen Mengelkoch is definitely someone to watch!" 
Pat Launer, KPBS 

"She is nimble, pert, perky, personable and powerful of voice."
Charlene Baldridge, North County Times

Ramona Mainstage Theatre

"As [Keely], as willing to kill [Pete] as kiss him, is Kristen Mengelkoch, an alum of the SDSU musical theater MFA program, fast becoming one of our local musical comedy treasures. She also displays a huge vocal range and versatility, from an alto growl to a stratospheric soprano. She’s definitely got the comic chops..." Pat Launer, KPBS


"She is nimble, pert, perky, personable and powerful of voice."
Charlene Baldridge, North County Times